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AT 2015 52 mins


Fabulous jewel of the Alps


The Dolomites’ stunning colourscape guides us through the annual cycle of a natural world defined by its mystical atmosphere and ancient myths. From crags furrowed by ice and water, to luminous fir trees and larch forests, striking massifs and the fossilized archipelagos of sunken civilizations.We cross King Laurin’s rose garden with the Golden Eagle.The sly fox takes us stalking through the military posi- tions of the forgotten Alpine War. Spotted nutcrackers, chamois and marmots, all shrewd food strate- gists and experienced starvation dieters, fascinate us with their supreme prowess. Through their eyes and in breathtaking frames we experience the Wildlife of the Dolomites: Chamois, Marmots, Golden Eagles,Wood Crouses and their everyday life in the stony heart of the alps.



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Semi-Finalist Golden Kapok Award, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival 2015