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AT 2022, 2 x 44 mins





The production portrays the chaotic period immediately after the end of World War II, when Europe lay in ruins, savaged and brutalized. Millions of people became stateless and lost everything. They are "displaced persons" people in the wrong place. For them, an odyssey begins that is unparalleled in the history of Europe. The way back to their homeland does not bring liberation, because this homeland no longer exists. Racial hatred, antisemitism and Nazi propaganda are still firmly in their minds. Respectable citizens become pushers, liberated inmates of concentration camps become avengers. An era of anarchy begins, in which the only thing that matters is survival. In rare film documents, eyewitness interviews and subtle staging, the film follows the fates of selected protagonists on their odyssey through the destroyed Europe. It takes an unvarnished look behind the facades of helpfulness and overstrain. Personal childhood stories bring back the repressed trauma of the months and years after the end of the war.