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AT  2010  72 min


A film by Harald Friedl


Willi Resetarits moves and provokes. On the road with the star, Harald Friedl draws a profound and highly entertaining film portrait of this Austrian cult figure.

No other musician in Austria has been so committed to social causes and won over audiences as much as the ex-„Schmetterline" and ex-„Ostbahn Kurti". He has mastered three quite different musical careers. The first as a political singer-songwriter with an intellectual background, the second as a proletarian suburban rocker Ostbahn Kurti, and a third now with airy, floating songs performed with a touch of old-age wisdom. Through his political and humanistic commitment, Willi has become a strong integration figure.

The film is about Willi's life, his attitudes and emotional imprints, his musicality. Touring life and shows provide the background and framework for a very personal portrayal of the star. The film always stays close to the person. In encounters with his closest people, the waves of the past resonate in the present. In magical places and landscapes of his childhood and youth, the atmospheric and social imprints become tangible.

Social conditions and circumstances always resonate in Willi's life. Not the big, global ones, but the small ones in which we find ourselves day by day.

Willi Resetarits takes the audience into his childhood world in Stinatz in southern Burgenland. He tells of growing up in what was once the most dangerous corner of the 21st district, at the "Bruckhaufen". He appears with his two equally famous brothers Lukas and Peter and sensitively weighs reminiscences of his time as a „Schmetterlin" and "Kurt Ostbahn". It is amazing how honestly Willi Resetarits deals with problematic side effects of his extremely intense way of life.