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AT  2015  112 min


A film by Elisabeth Guggenberger and Helmut Voitl


Incited citizens against refugees.
Fanatic Jihadists against other faiths.
But also radical Buddhists against Muslim minorities.

The news show pictures from all over the world with stories of rejection and lack of understanding, always with the same background: racism, fanaticism and violence. It is these attributes that erase the inner voice of sympathy. Is it possible to help anyway, even when racism threatens to suffocate compassion?

This is on what the filmic document 'HELP ME ... if you can' focuses.

It is a movie about the difficulties and problems on helping in an environment of religious motivated racism and violence. A two-year aid project in Sri Lanka was the target of a violent, racist acting, Buddhist monk party, who interfered to prevent that Muslim tsunami victims could receive the same help as Buddhists.

A film without great technical or personnel effort. No staging, no script. A camera - nothing else. The reality unfolded before the eyes of the cameraman from moment to moment, always flowing, always alive.